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Oopsie Fun Food Sticky Notepad (Misprint)

Oopsie Fun Food Sticky Notepad (Misprint)

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OOPS! Sometimes things don’t go as planned and you have to make the best out of the situation.

When we received a restock order of our Fun Food Sticky Notes we noticed something was a little off! Do you see it? 👀 The reorder—unpackaged on the right—shifts the design a little to the right, leaving less space for notes!

The result: A bunch of perfectly good sticky notes that don’t match our original design! We are putting them online as an “oopsie” at a discounted price. They won’t be packaged but they are ready for all your 2024 reminders!

  • Post-it® brand custom printed sticky notepad
  • 50 sheets per pad, 3" x 2.91"
  • Perfect for home, office and more! 
  • *Notepads are unpackaged
  • Designed in Maui, Hawaii
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