We are Jes and Jen, sisters, born and raised on Maui who grew up to share similar interests in art, design and drinking tea. We are different in many ways, but our approach and appreciate for design is something that has brought us together. 

We now call central Maui home, but our roots were planted in Pukalani. We lived there for our early years and Upcountry will always fill a big space in our hearts. 

After high school, we were fortunate to experience living away from Hawaii as we pursued degrees in art and design. While we had our separate journeys, we shared similar realizations about living in cities that were so contrasting to our small island. As much of an eye opening time this was, filled with new enriching experiences, it also highlighted what we missed and cherished most about Hawaii—the people, the Aloha, the acceptance of blended cultures, and of course, our family. 

We took what we knew and began using it as inspiration in our artwork. At first reminders of home started showing up in school projects, then personal ones and after years, these ideas developed into the beginnings of Matsumoto Studio. 

Here we are today, about 10 years later, sharing our designs with our community in Hawaii and across the world.  Our journey has not always been smooth but we welcome you to follow, learn and grow with us. If we learned anything from the past few years, it’s that nothing is linear. There are highs, lows and what keeps us going is our growing village. We thank you for being here with us, for us and right now, for Maui.